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Principles of absorbing materials

2021-06-25 10:41:28

Microwave absorbing material is a kind of composite material with excellent electromagnetic wave absorption ability. This absorbing material is a composite material formed by physically refining the alloy and magnetic field treatment to form a magnetic alloy with high permeability, which is evenly dispersed in polymers.

The principle of microwave absorbing material is to take the magnetic microwave absorber as the main body and convert the electromagnetic wave emitted by electronic equipment into heat energy by means of insulation loss, magnetic loss and impedance loss to reduce electromagnetic radiation. It has the characteristics of high permeability and selectable frequency band, and can be developed in a specific frequency band.

The absorbing material has good absorption characteristics in the range of 10MHz ~ 6GHz, which can avoid electromagnetic interference or leakage caused by secondary reflection. The products are mainly microwave absorbing patches, which can also be processed into various shapes according to customer needs. The wave absorbing plate can be used in the cavity of electronic equipment such as notebook computer, mobile phone and communication cabinet.

The absorbing material has good electromagnetic wave absorption effect and wide absorption frequency. It can be customized according to the frequency band required by customers. It has thin thickness, high cost performance, and a wide range of uses and applications.

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