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EMI electromagnetic shielding materials - conductive rubber, conductive silica gel

2021-06-21 10:38:31

Conductive rubber is a kind of rubber strip containing metal filler, which has the properties of high conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, moisture-proof and sealing. Conductive particles such as glass silver plating, aluminum silver plating and silver are evenly distributed in silicone rubber, and the conductive particles are contacted by pressure to achieve good conductivity. Used in military and commercial fields.

Its main function is sealing and electromagnetic shielding. The product can be molded or extruded, and there are sheet packaging or other punching shapes to choose from. Shielding up to 120 dB (10 GHz). Consil-nc (graphite nickel plated filled silicone rubber) consil-v (silver filled silicone rubber extrusion pad) consil-a (aluminum plated silver filled silicone rubber) consil-n (nickel plated silver filled silicone rubber) consil-c (copper plated silver filled silicone rubber) consil (graphite filled silicone rubber) consil-r (pure silver filled silicone rubber) consil-ii (silver filled silicone rubber molded pad), etc.

This material can be formed into sheet, molding, extrusion and film as required.

Scope of application

Conductive rubber is used for parts with excellent electromagnetic shielding and high requirements for long-term stability. It is widely used in communication equipment, information technology equipment, medical devices, industrial electronic equipment and other fields.

Conductive silica gel

1. Conductive silica gel is a paste material, which is divided into single / double group packaging and room temperature / high temperature curing conductive silica gel. At present, there is a large demand for silver / copper, silver / nickel and nickel / carbon in the market;

2. It is applicable to FIP (form in place) on-site dispensing molding process, and can be dispensed into D-shape, triangle and waveform shape on precision dispensing machine;

3. Excellent shielding efficiency and mechanical efficiency;

4. Reduce viscosity and shorten dispensing cycle, so as to improve production efficiency;

5. It has good adhesion on most metal surfaces;

7. The normal temperature curing time of conductive adhesive is 12 ~ 24 hours, and the high temperature curing temperature of conductive adhesive is 150 ℃ for 30 minutes;

8. The conductive silica gel has been proved by strict outdoor environment test to have good reliability and good electrolytic corrosion resistance. It is more suitable for long-term hot, cold, wet, ultraviolet, ozone, locking and other harsh environments, and can also ensure its very stable performance;

9. The operating temperature is between - 55 ° C and + 125 ° C.

Scope of application

Conductive silicon materials are mainly used in communication, electronics, military industry, security, automobile and other fields. They can be widely used in wireless equipment shells such as wireless base stations, repeaters, filters, mobile phones, handheld computers, notebooks, automobile central control, cameras, walkie talkies, security equipment and so on. It has good shielding efficiency for aluminum alloy die castings.

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