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What is conductive sealing ring silicone rubber?

2021-06-05 10:35:46

Conductive sealing ring silicone rubber mainly refers to the raw material of silicone sealing ring with good conductivity. Usually, rubber products are conductive, because the raw materials will add carbon black when adding auxiliary materials. Carbon black is conductive, but the conductive current can also be strong or weak. The conductive performance of silica gel conductive O-ring is very superior. Today, let's introduce the conductive sealing ring silicone rubber.

Conductive silicone rubber is vulcanized with silicone rubber as base rubber, conductive filler and crosslinking agent. Common conductive fillers include B carbon black, carbon fiber, superconducting carbon black, graphite, copper powder, silver powder, aluminum powder, etc.

Compared with general conductive rubber, conductive silicone rubber has the advantages of small volume resistivity, low hardness, high and low temperature resistance (- 70 to 200 ℃), aging resistance and good processing and manufacturing process performance. It is especially suitable for manufacturing conductive silicone rubber products with good conductivity, complex shape and fine structure.

According to different base rubber varieties and processing methods, it can be made into high-temperature vulcanized conductive silicone rubber and room temperature vulcanized conductive silicone rubber, as well as pressure-sensitive conductive silicone rubber, anisotropic conductive silicone rubber and low-temperature conductive silicone rubber.

In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic technology and instrument industry, the improvement and development of conductive silicone rubber have been promoted, and many new processes and varieties have appeared. For example, in the vulcanization process, the atmospheric pressure hot air vulcanization of conductive silicone rubber appears instead of the traditional high-temperature addition vulcanization (peroxide vulcanization); In terms of product performance, there are varieties of high tear resistant and conductive silicone rubber and pressure conductive silicone rubber with a certain metal powder added to the silicone rubber, which is conductive at the pressure part and insulated at the non pressure part. Therefore, the application of conductive sealing ring silicone rubber is more and more widely.

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