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Yichang electronic patent technology: a limit device of extruder

2021-03-30 12:08:24

The utility model relates to the technical field of an extruder, and discloses a limiting device of an extruder, which comprises a support plate, a fixing mechanism is installed on the left side of the top of the support plate, a driving motor is installed inside the fixing mechanism, a fixing seat is installed on the right side of the top of the support plate, and a mounting frame is installed on the top of the fixing seat. The utility model can drive the third gear to rotate by rotating the adjusting rod, the second gear can be driven by the action of the gear belt, the second gear can drive the first gear through the movable rod, the first gear rotates inside the gear groove, the position of the baffle can be changed, the baffle can move inside the movable frame, and the distance between the baffle and the inner wall of the guide cylinder can be adjusted, It can control the amount of raw materials entering the extrusion tank, and can fully heat the raw materials according to the power of the electric heating frame, so as to avoid insufficient heating of the raw materials.

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