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Yichang electronic patented technology: a composite shielding sealing ring

2021-03-30 12:08:24

The utility model relates to the technical field of equipment parts, and discloses a composite shielding sealing ring, which comprises a sealing ring body. The left and right sides of the inner cavity of the sealing ring body are provided with installation grooves, the inner part of the installation groove is provided with an annular plate, and the inner part of the sealing ring body and the upper and lower sides of the annular plate are provided with filling blocks, A buffer groove is arranged inside the filling block, a baffle is installed on the inner wall of the buffer groove, and a first spring is installed on one side of the baffle. The utility model can support and reset the sealing ring when it is squeezed through the first spring, support the inside of the sealing ring after it is squeezed greatly through the buffer sleeve, keep the sealing ring in its existing shape, prevent its deformation, and play a certain anti-skid role through the anti-skid pad and buffer washer, Thus, the problem of deformation of the existing sealing ring when squeezed can be solved.

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