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Application field of conductive rubber

2021-07-22 08:51:17

Conductive rubber is to evenly distribute conductive particles such as glass silver plating, aluminum silver plating and silver in silicone rubber, and contact the conductive particles through pressure to achieve good conductivity. It has military and commercial applications. Its main function is sealing and electromagnetic shielding. Products can be molded or extruded, with sheet packaging or other punching shapes to choose from. Shielding performance up to 120dB (10GHz). It is divided into consil-nc (graphite nickel plated filled silicone rubber), consil-v (silver filled silicone rubber extrusion gasket), consil-a (aluminum plated silver filled silicone rubber), consil-n (nickel plated silver filled silicone rubber), consil-c (copper plated silver filled silicone rubber), sc-consil (graphite filled silicone rubber), consil-r (pure silver filled silicone rubber), consil-ii (silver filled silicone rubber molded gasket), etc

Ultra high conductivity silicone rubber products are especially suitable for:

● medium and small military electronic chassis and microwave waveguide system,

● military shelter and military electronic equipment such as aerospace, aviation and ships;

● electronic products (such as computer chassis, mobile phones, test consumables, etc.), telecommunications, high-frequency control equipment, etc;

● electronic equipment with harsh environment such as electric power and railway

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