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What is conductive rubber?

2021-07-16 08:49:01

1. Conductive rubber is a kind of rubber that evenly distributes many conductive particles such as glass silver plating, aluminum silver plating, silver and so on in silicone rubber. When it needs to use conductive properties, a certain pressure will cause these conductive particles to deform, resulting in contact conductivity. At present, many conductive rubbers can be extruded by die pressing, and some of them are in the shape of sheet or punching, so they can meet the needs of different groups.

2. Application of conductive rubber

Conductive rubber has very good electromagnetic sealing and water vapor sealing ability. If a certain value of pressure is applied to it (the suppression frequency reaches 40GHz), it will have good conductivity. Because of this special performance, all kinds of conductive rubber products are widely used in aerospace, weapons and other military electronic equipment, which brings great convenience to the manufacture of all kinds of products.

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