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Shielding gasket

Shielding gasket

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Rectangular flange conductive rubber gasket is mainly used in connector flange and installation panel, which can meet environmental sealing and EMI shielding at the same time. Qian'an Yichang electronic connector meets mil-c-83723, MIL-C-5015, MIL-C-26482, mil-c-38999 and mil-c-81511 standards and can replace the standard flange connector gasket. It can be used as interface sealing gasket.

Typical application

RF module interface

Communication and military cabinets

Medical equipment

Railway application

Can be moulded into a variety of sizes

Excellent environmental sealing

Superior shielding performance

Shielding effectiveness(dB)

Test standard:MIL-G-83528

test frequency

2GHz(Plane Wave)9010590
10GHz(Plane Wave)9010090

The label

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