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What is conductive tape

2021-08-06 08:53:13

Conductive rubber strip, commonly known as zebra strip, is formed by vulcanization after alternating layered superposition of conductive silica gel and insulating silica gel. The conductive rubber connector has stable and reliable performance, simple and efficient production and assembly. It is widely used for the connection between LCD and circuit board of game console, telephone, electronic watch, calculator, instrument and other products.

Brief introduction of each adhesive strip: ydp single-sided foam strip, one side is foam insulated, and the three sides have conductive function.

YL zebra strip is the most common and commonly used conductive strip. It has the function of conducting on all sides. YSP double-sided foam strip is also the most common conductive strip. There are foam sponges on both sides of the strip, which has good insulation performance. Ys transparent sandwich strip, dark gray transparent silica gel on both sides, has insulation function, and its hardness is relatively harder than other types of adhesive strips. YY printing type, this type of conductive adhesive strip is characterized by coating a layer of insulating material on the surface of the conductive layer, which will not cause short circuit with the metal shell when used.

When the thickness of the adhesive strip is required to be thin, the maximum thickness of the conductive layer can be guaranteed. YDM - insulating tape, which is fully insulated( Common colors include light blue, white, red and transparent) performance: 1. Resistivity of conductive layer (PV): 3-15 Ω cm2, resistance of insulating layer (PVZ): ≥ 1012 Ω 3. Maximum service current density: 2.5ma/mm & sup2; 4. Operating environment: temperature - 45-150 ℃, relative humidity + 25 ℃ 85%

Zebra stripes are mainly divided into ys type, ysa type, YP type, YSP type and YY type conductive stripes.

I (he): ys type transparent zebra adhesive strip. Due to its special characteristics, the two edge layers are soft silicone adhesive. The transparent layer has good elasticity and insulation performance. It is widely used in LCD and LCM point matrix modules. After assembly, there will be no short circuit with the metal shell to ensure the stability of the product display function.

II (he): ysa conductive zebra strip is one of the most difficult products of the same kind. It is free to offset the conductive layer according to the different requirements of the product, so as to achieve the best contact of the product and ensure the first-class conduction

III (he): YP and YSP conductive zebra adhesive strips are one of the most basic adhesive strips. The sponge foamed silicone adhesive on both sides of the adhesive strip has good insulation performance and shock absorption performance. When in use, the metal shell can avoid short circuit.

IV (he): YY type conductive adhesive strip is different from other conductive strips in that the hardness of its insulating lining layer is 20 degrees lower than that of the middle conductive layer to ensure the best contact of the conductive layer during compression assembly

V (he): the biggest difference between Yi type conductive zebra strip and YP and ys type is that it can ensure the maximum thickness of conductive layer and sufficient connection area when the thickness is required to be thin.

Six (he): special shaped conductive zebra strip is one of zebra strips with high processing difficulty. It can meet various special requirements for conductive weak current connection.

VII (he): YL type conductive silicone strip is one of the most basic adhesive strips. It can form special conductive characteristics on all sides through the alternating combination of insulating film and conductive film, which can meet the four-way connection requirements between PCB and LCD. It has become one of the indispensable connectors in the field of weak conductance.

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